How To Install And Remove Window Graphics In McKinney, TX

September 16, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

How to Install and Remove Window Graphics in McKinney, TX

It is important to be able to install and remove window graphics in the right manner. Image Signs of McKinney will share some helpful tips to aid you with the successful installation and removal of your window graphics.

For installation

1.   Clean The Window.

Make sure that the surface of the window is clean. Use a good glass cleaner to remove dust and debris. This will provide a smooth surface for the window graphics.

2. Use Some Tape For Positioning.

You need to decide where you want to place your window graphics. Then use some masking tape for the sake of tacking the top area of the window graphics in the spot where you want to place them. Stand a few paces away from the window to view your window graphics from a bit further back in order to ensure that the window graphics are indeed in the best place. You can get even more precise by applying the usage of a level as well as a measuring tape.

Once you have decided that the position is correct, you will then use a piece of tape that measures the same size as the top of the window graphics and place the tape across the top to attach the window graphics to the window. The bottom part of the window graphics should be able to lift up, as you will not place any tape on the bottom portion.

3 Attach The Window Graphics Permanently In Place.

Lift the window graphics from the bottom section of the film that is on the back of the graphics. But during this process, do not permit the window graphics to come in contact with the window and make an effort to prevent touching the adhesive with your fingers or hands as much as possible.

Spray some soapy water on the window and then apply the window graphics to the window by placing the adhesive side of the top portion on the window. In a slow manner, continue to lower the rest of the window graphics onto the window. The decal will seem like it is floating on a surface of water that is soapy. But then you will use a squeegee over the whole decal to l remove the water and to allow the adhesive to connect to the window permanently. Using soapy water helps to prevent the formation of any bubbles, so that the window graphics will lie smoothly. Then remove your tape, as it is no longer needed.

For Removal

1 Clean The Window And Surface Of The Window Graphics.

Make sure that the window is clean as well as the window graphics. Use some good glass cleaner for the job. A clean surface will make the removal process much easier.

2 Use Some Soapy Water.

Place soapy wet over the top of the decal to make it wet. This will be necessary to help with the removal of the window graphics when you use some other tools, as they will slide more easily during the removal process.

3. Use A Scraper And A Squeegee.

Use a plastic scraper that will not scratch your window to remove the window decal as much as possible. Use a squeegee to help remove other loose pieces of the decal once you have scraped. Repeat as necessary. It may be helpful to add more soapy water at times. Then use some window cleaner, the scraper and a cloth to remove any excess adhesive.