ISA Research Highlights Economic Value Of Indoor Business Signs

February 05, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

ISA Research Highlights Economic Value Of Indoor Business Signs

Today’s post reviews key findings from the International Sign Association on the money-making power of indoor business signs. Read on or call (469)-885-7090 to speak directly with an indoor business sign specialist in McKinney, TX.

Indoor Business Signs Increase Revenue

One of the most compelling findings from the ISA report was that a single indoor business sign “was found to add between 5 and 15 percent to a site’s sales revenues,” with the greatest increases seen at businesses that previously had no indoor signage.

While many McKinney businesses make great use of outdoor business signs, plenty of owners are still leaving money on the table by failing to use signage indoors.

Indoor Business Sign Systems Boost Sales Even Higher

For nearly two years, ISA researchers monitored the effect of new indoor business signs on dollar revenues for 162 individual restaurant sites.

After completing their regression analysis, the research team determined that each additional sign installed at a site increased annual sales dollars by 4.75 percent.

“For a typical store with annual sales revenues of $500,000, this translates to a $23,750 increase per additional sign,” concluded the ISA research team. The addition of new indoor business signs led to greater revenue increases than those brought on by building expansion, longer hours, or longevity at a specific location.

These findings echo those reported earlier, while also highlighting the value of sign systems over standalone displays. With each additional sign driving an expected 4.75% sales boost, McKinney business owners have clear incentives for investing in multi-part sign systems.

Indoor Business Signs Maximize Value Of One-Stop Shops

ISA researchers also looked at the effect indoor business signs had on educating in-store prospects about additional business offerings.

Their study focused on a San Diego car dealership, which sold both new and used cars and accessories, and also offered automotive repair and maintenance services. This “one-stop shop” used indoor business signs to promote its different departments to in-store audiences, with great results.

More than 350 respondents completed the ISA questionnaires while visiting the dealership. Questions concerning the impact of indoor business signs were embedded in a larger survey asking patrons about various aspects of their service experience.

The survey results underscored the value of indoor business signs for increasing awareness of different service and product offerings. Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) of respondents indicated that they learned about the service department by seeing the dealership’s indoor business signs, compared to only 10% of “awareness creation” from Yellow Pages advertisements. In other words, when it comes to promoting the myriad services of a one-stop shop, indoor business signs are nearly twice as effective as traditional print advertising, and for only a fraction of the cost!

If you run a full-service business in McKinney, TX, or you’re thinking of building a new business department, indoor business signs will play a key role in increasing consumer awareness of these new offerings.

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