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Lighted Commercial SignsWhat are Lighted Commercial Signs?

Commercial signage is often one of the most effective forms of marketing. But people need to be able to see your commercial sign for it to have any effect. Illumination will make your commercial sign much more visible.

Uses for Lighted Commercial Signs

Lighted commercial signs are excellent at identifying businesses, branding spaces, promoting businesses, and advertising products. Illumination makes commercial signs visible from a distance and ensures they can still be seen at night and in the rain, fog, and even the occasional snowfall we get here in Denton.

Types of Lighted Commercial Signs

The type of illumination you choose can have a big effect on your commercial sign. In the past, fluorescent lighting was popular and before that incandescent bulbs were the go-to choice. Neon lights have a uniquely warm feel to them, but the unrivalled choice in lighting now is the LED. LEDs don’t have that unfortunate blueish hue that fluorescent lights have, and LEDs are far more efficient and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs.

Why Choose Us for Lighted Commercial Signs in Denton, TX?

Lighted commercial signs are a statement. You can’t afford to have a second-rate sign company make your lighted commercial sign in Denton. You need the best sign company in Denton.

Benefits of Choosing us for Lighted Commercial Signs in Denton, TX

At Image Signs of McKinney, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair high-quality lighted commercial signs for clients in Denton, or anywhere nearby in Texas. Please contact us to learn more.

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