The 4 Essential Sign Functions: Are Your Yard Signs Doing Their Job?

April 09, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

The 4 Essential Sign Functions: Are Your Yard Signs Doing Their Job?

If you have yard signs in front of your business, you put them there to do more than just look nice. In fact, your signs are there to get your business noticed by current and potential customers, convey important messages or information about current sales or other upcoming events, and so much more. But as we here at Image Signs of McKinney know from our years of experience, all signs are not alike. If you aren’t sure if your yard signs are giving you the best bang for your buck, here are the four essential functions your signs should be doing each and every day.

Raising Awareness And Recognition

Perhaps most of all, your yard signs should be raising awareness and recognition of your business. In essence, they help to not only establish the boundaries of your business, but also to let customers know they have finally found what they’ve been looking for all along. Whether you want large or small yard signs with bright colors, stunning visuals, or much more, let us here at Image Signs of McKinney create the perfect signs for your business.

Enticing Customers

In retail, it’s all about enticing customers into either making impulse buys or finally deciding to move forward with a larger purchase. When you place yard signs in front of your business, this should be happening for you on a regular basis. From advertising huge discounts to a upcoming weekend sale, your yard signs need to be enticing in every way possible. For example, even if someone is driving by and not even thinking at that moment about buying a new outfit, one look at your signs should change their mind.

Add-On Sales

While many of your customers may be planning to stop by so they can already purchase something they’ve had in mind for a period of time, your yard signs can also be used to promote additional items that can be add-on sales to an existing transaction. Great ways to promote new items you’re now featuring, yard signs can put that one extra thought into the minds of your customers, which ultimately leads to more money in your pocket.

Directional Assistance

If you are thinking yard signs are used only to promote sales or events, think again. With many businesses, they are great for providing directional assistance to customers. Whether you’ve just opened a new business, are promoting a new location for an existing business, or are helping people find their way to your business in the midst of a construction project, yard signage can be valuable in making sure your business doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

If you’ve tried yard signs in the past from other sign companies that just didn’t get the job done, toss them aside and contact us here at Image Signs of McKinney. Since our success depends upon your success, we’ll create yard signage that gets you and your business noticed in a hurry. To learn more, visit or call us at 469-885-7090.