Truck Wrap FAQ: Cost And Care Considerations

August 10, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

Truck Wrap FAQ: Cost And Care Considerations

We here at Image Signs of McKinney do truly realize that your truck for your business is very important to you and that when you add a truck wrap to it, this becomes an intrinsic expression of what your business is all about. Therefore, we provide some truck wrap FAQs concerning considerations related to cost and care. We would be pleased to design and install some amazing truck wraps for your business to help you increase more awareness of your business and brand among consumers.

Do You Make Truck Wraps Affordable For Small Business Owners?

Yes, we are pleased to inform you that we take pride in making truck wraps as affordable as possible for small businesses. This is based on the reality that we want to see small businesses do well. We are always pleased when small business owners place their confidence in us for all their truck wraps. That is the reason why we do our best to deliver top-quality truck wraps at fair and affordable prices, even for small businesses

What Is The Cost Of A Truck Wrap?

It is understandable that you want to know the cost of a truck wrap for your vehicle. The truth of the matter is that the cost will be different for each truck wrap project. This is because you may want only a small portion of your truck wrapped or you may desire for the wrap to be placed on the entire truck. Also, there are many different sizes of trucks, which then also makes the price vary for each truck wrap project. But it is normal to expect that truck wraps can be in the price range of a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

What Is The Correct Way To Care For My Truck Wrap?

It is great that you want to know how to care for your new truck wrap. When you desire to be able to preserve the longevity and appearance of the truck wrap in optimal condition, then you should wash your truck by hand. Or you can opt to take your truck to a car wash that does not apply the usage of brushes, as no brush should ever be used on your truck when you want to ensure the good condition of your truck wrap for as long as possible. Brushes can cause damage to parts of the truck wrap by tearing it or even removing parts of the truck wrap.

What Is The Normal Longevity Of A Truck Wrap?

When you are careful to provide the right kind of care for your truck wrap as we have already mentioned here, you can expect the truck wrap to last for about seven years. But the truck wrap may last even longer if you are careful to keep the truck wrap out of the sun as much as possible in an effort to prevent fading. Thus, if you can keep your vehicle in a garage or a shaded area when it is not in use, then you may be able to extend the lifespan of the truck wrap for three to five more years.