Branding and Rebranding

What are Branding and Rebranding?

Branding is a marketing tool by which you try to imprint your business’s name, aesthetics, and qualities in people’s minds. This can be done by having all your signage use the same color patterns, fonts, etc. Occasionally, Texas businesses decide they need to rebrand, which often requires brand new signage.

Uses for Branding and Rebranding

Once people see your logo, they should think of your business. Furthermore, if you can associate your entire business with a color, then that color can evoke your business and its qualities in the right context. Sometimes a business will need to rebrand because of a name change, a merger, or simply for marketing reasons.

Types of Branding and Rebranding

You could use a monument sign to brand the yard in front of your Plano business. Rebranding could involve changing a few window signs or changing the car wraps on the entire fleet of vehicles of your McKinney taxi company.

Why Choose us for Branding and Rebranding?

For a rebrand to be effective, it must include a revamp of all your signage. We can handle such big jobs. We also have the signage experts to impart qualities of your brand on functional signage like restroom signs.

Benefits of Choosing us for Branding and Rebranding

At Image Signs of McKinney, we offer branding and rebranding services to all our clients in McKinney, Plano, and nearby in Texas. To learn more about our branding and rebranding services, or any of our other services, please contact us.

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