Sign Removal and Restoration

What is Sign Removal and Restoration?

Even the best made professional signage won’t be pristine forever. Signage needs to be restored sometimes and sometimes removed entirely.

Uses for Sign Removal and Restoration

Occasionally you will have signs for which it is more practical or cheaper to simply replace them. In these cases, the signs have to be removed, but large or electronic signs can be difficult and even dangerous to remove on your own. However, for many signs it’s wiser to have them restored to get the best return on your initial investment in them.

Types of Sign Removal and Restoration

Sometimes sign restoration is a simple as polishing a sign up or touching it up with paint. Removal is sometimes complicated, due to electric wiring or because removing the sign could risk damaging your property in some way. That’s why sign removal is often best left to sign professionals.

Why Choose us for Sign Removal and Restoration?

Because we are located in McKinney, we can quickly come out to restore or remove signage anywhere in McKinney or elsewhere in Collin County, or even in Dallas. It’s just another benefit of working with a local sign company.

Benefits of Choosing us for Sign Removal and Restoration

At Image Signs of McKinney, we offer sign removal and restoration services to all our clients in McKinney and nearby in Texas. To learn more about our sign removal and restoration services, or any of our other services, please contact us.

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