Pylon Signs

Pylon SignsWhat are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs are large, freestanding signs that identify businesses, buildings, and properties.

Uses for Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are designed to increase the visibility of your business and building. A technique such as illumination is an all-purpose tool to increase visibility, but pylon signs are effective in specific parameters. If your McKinney business is located far away from the nearest road with a parking lot or lawn in between, then people will have difficulty identifying your building from a distance. But by installing a large pylon sign much closer to the street or highway, people will be able to spot you much more easily.

Types of Pylon Signs

Pylon sign panels can be made of foam core, cedar, high-density urethane, plastic, metal, or wood. The base could be made of wood, brick, metal, or cement. Pylon signs serve the same function as monument signs but they differ in design. Pylon signs are generally taller, so they’re better if your McKinney business is situated next to Highway, for example.

Why Choose us for Pylon Signs in McKinney, TX?

We can help you decide on the best materials, design, and placement of your pylon sign in McKinney, or nearby. We will design your pylon sign to be highly visible as well as durable.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pylon Signs in McKinney, TX

At Image Signs of McKinney, we can design, manufacture, and install high-quality pylon signs for clients in McKinney, or anywhere nearby in Texas. Please contact us to learn more.

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