Enhance Your Wayfinding System With Custom Elevator Graphics

April 05, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

Enhance Your Wayfinding System With Custom Elevator Graphics

If there is one thing customers or visitors don’t enjoy when they venture into the unfamiliar setting of your building, it is getting lost and wasting valuable time trying to make an appointment, meeting, or find a certain department. In today’s modern buildings, finding your way around means riding an elevator. If you want visitors and others to have a wayfinding experience that won’t leave them feeling as if they are navigating a maze, here’s how custom elevator graphics from Image Signs of McKinney can help.

Simplicity Equals Readability

When planning your elevator graphics, we at Image Signs of McKinney always suggest simplicity equals readability. Since you’ll need signs to indicate which floor people are on and what is contained on that floor, the information on your signs need to be clear and concise. We understand this here at Image Signs of McKinney, which is why we always work closely with you during the initial consultation and throughout the design process of your custom elevator graphics.

Don’t Forget Creativity

While your elevator graphics need to be clear and concise, that doesn’t mean they have to be dull-looking along the way. In fact, customers and visitors will enjoy seeing elevator graphics that are visually stunning, since this often means they are also very easy to see and read. Thus, when you are working with us here at Image Signs of McKinney and have some specific ideas as to the design and coloring of your elevator graphics, present your ideas to us and allow us to incorporate them into the final design.

Signs Large And Small

In most areas where elevators are located, both large and small signs are needed. From the smaller wall signs near elevators to larger signs hung by the ceiling to help point people in the right direction when exiting the elevators, we at Image Signs of McKinney can do this and much more.

Showing Off Your Brand

While custom elevator graphics are of course needed primarily to convey directions and other vital information to visitors, they can also be used to show off your brand and even promote your business. For example, you can take advantage of the space on elevator doors to post signage promoting your brand. Since these signs will be seen by hundreds or perhaps thousands of people daily, it’s a great way to get your brand in front of people. After all, even if they are busy trying to find their way around, they will still take a few seconds at a minimum to look at your sign on the elevator door, especially when they are waiting for the next elevator to arrive.

If you’re ready to improve your wayfinding system and need the best custom elevator graphics Texas has to offer, it’s time to contact us here at Image Signs of McKinney. With our commitment to customer service and many satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong with us. To get started, call us at 469-885-7090 or visit to request a consultation.