Get Your Outdoor Signs Spotted: Master 3 Keys To Sign Conspicuity

February 24, 2021    Image Signs of McKinney

Get Your Outdoor Signs Spotted: Master 3 Keys to Sign Conspicuity

Outdoor sign conspicuity is key to monetizing your marketing. After all, why spend money honing a message nobody sees? Accordingly, today’s post is all about getting your outdoor signs spotted.

Read on to learn 3 keys to outdoor sign conspicuity, and find out how we help our clients optimize all 3.

1.  Outdoor Sign Size—Is Bigger Always Better?

If a sign is too small, it won’t be noticed, but oversized signs are equally ineffective, making your message impossible to read in a single glance, especially for drivers who cannot afford to linger.

Finding the right size takes a bit of planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. At Image Signs of McKinney, it’s all about getting to know your business. What are your outdoor sign goals, and who’s your target audience? Do you want to attract, inform, or direct readers, and are they on foot or on the road?

Outdoor signs aimed at pedestrians can afford to be much smaller, while those directed at drivers should follow the International Sign Association’s Minimum Required Legibility Distances and font size requirements. However, if you’re targeting drivers, the angle of your sign will also drastically affect your sign’s size requirements. For instance, in a 55-page study cosponsored by The Signage Foundation for Communication Excellence and the International Sign Association, researchers found that signs mounted on the front of buildings, parallel to the roadway, needed to be at least 70% larger than signs mounted perpendicular to the roadway in order to be read in time by passing drivers.

As you can see, calculating optimal sign size can be a bit of a tricky equation. You need to factor in your audience, display angle, and budget, saying nothing of the sign size restrictions detailed in the McKinney Code of Ordinances, and then make sure you’ve got enough room for your message and graphics. But we’re here to help—call (469)-885-7090 for more help selecting the optimal outdoor sign size and get a same-day quote on any custom order.

2.  Outdoor Sign Angle—Get Your Message Front-And-Center

People see things most clearly when they’re right in front of them, smack-dab in the middle of their field of view. Every angle we move away from this optimal viewpoint makes signage less effective.

While sidewalks, roadways, and other obstructions may conspire to deny you that perfect outdoor sign position, we’ve got plenty of options to keep your message front-and-center, from endlessly adjustable A-frames to unmissable hanging blade signs. As part of your sign site survey, we’ll identify strategic viewing angles that work with our different outdoor sign options, all of which are 100% customizable.

3.  Outdoor Sign Luminance—Light Up Your Message In Mckinney, TX

During the daytime, signs made from almost any materials are easily seen, but when the sun goes down, sign visibility diverges. Some outdoor signs will only be visible with reflected light from external rigs; others will rely on internal illumination, generating their own light to be seen after dark.

Whether you want to upgrade to illuminated outdoor signs, or you’d rather take advantage of city lights for luminance, we can help!

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